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Sunday, August 29, 2010


My new obsession.....Carp on the fly....Thanks to my friend Alex from Hatches magazine, hooking me up on my first carp on the fly today...Oh my....I've never had my reel spin that out of control before....Had me into backing on the first run before it broke me off.....Sight fishing at it's best......Technical fishing, long casts, 50-70 feet with an 8 weight....A weighted fly.....little splash upon the fly hitting the water, small strips 3-6 inches....Perfect presentations...These are spooky fish that are not easy to catch...but well worth the effort...I only hooked up on one, didn't even land it and I can feel the obsession building...This was the first time ever that I was getting annoyed catching bass....Landed 9 of courtesy of Alex...


  1. Sweet. I keep telling my self I will give carp a try "next spring." One of these years.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Familiar looking territory, that.... Nice work on the hookup, took me quite some time to get my first one on purpose...still working on a second. Oh, and if the bass were annoying this weekend, shoulda been out a month ago...ridiculous numbers of 2" smallies.