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Sunday, April 17, 2011

4-17-11....Munch again

Due to rain and winds up to 40 mph, my fishing was fairly limited this morning...So here are the colors of the Munch that I will be offering. Email me for info....They are amazing in the water, the wool slims down and creates a realistic profile...between the marabou, the hackle, the rabbit and the rubber legs there is more movement then you can imagine. Flash in the tail, flash in the head...Mustad 1/0 salt hook and a Fish Skull to hold it all down...These things are promised to rock...


  1. Looking Nice! I hear you about the wind. They just did the first stocking last week and we got 2" of rain! WTF LOL

  2. I usually spin fish for bass, but after seeing these flies I think I will be fly fishing for them a lot more often. Great flies and Pics.

  3. Man! Those things are bright and full, I haven't seen too many tied like that. If they have as much movement as you say they do, and it sounds like it might, these things are going to be killer.