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Monday, April 25, 2011

4-24-11...Easter Bass Hunt

My step dad Phil and I went out this morning for a little Easter Bass Hunt. We woke up to sun and warmth....I thought I might have been lifted up during the night from a Wizard of Oz type tornado and dropped to a different part of the country at first. We loaded up the boats and made it 1 mile down the road before we both needed to turn around for emergency fecal evacuation. Back to the house we went.

Finally back on the road....We arrive at the lake. The sun disappeared and the wind showed it's face. Oh well...The boats were rigged and ready to rock...

This was the first time Phil had used his new kayak. If you remember from some of my older posts from last summer, Phil nearly drowned....twice...So this year he bought a top of the line PFD...and wore it...

Of course I was still prepared to have to pull him from the swampy water if he took a swim. Getting in the kayak for the first time is always a bit my camera was locked and loaded to catch all of the action...Thankfully this was the only photo that was needed....He made it in the boat....Off we went...

This is my BOOMSTICK!!!!!!!!!!

Phil caught the first fish of day, a healthy 13 inch Largemouth....He also hit a few Pickerel and the first Crappie he was ever hooked....

I managed a 13 inch Largemouth, a 16 inch Largemouth and a few Pickerel pushing 20 plus inches....

Now people that sit home and never get off of the couch miss out on all the great experiences that nature has to us. We watched a Bald Eagle scour the surface of the lake for an easy meal. He dove straight into the water and ripped out a fish with his talons. At one point when Phil was unhooking a Pickerel, the bird actually began circling over his head...All in all....A great first kayak fishing trip of the year...Many more to come so stay tuned....Tight lines....


  1. Great Easter post. Tons more fun than hunting for eggs.

  2. Looks like a happy Easter to me. Being surrounded by nature is one of my main reasons for fly fishing. Great post.

  3. Wow, those are some great pics and nice kayaks. Looks like a sweet day out on the water. Nice fish, now I am stoked for Bass season to start. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  4. Is that the same pickerel posted 3 different times. Or 3 similar looking ones?

  5. thanks all...those are 3 different pickerel...they were all caught in the same general place...why would I post the same 3 pics?

  6. Pat
    That Pike is a brut----not to mention that largemouth pig. Great trip and nice photos. Thanks for sharing

  7. Pat, I didn't think you would, they just look like the exact same fish. I noticed the back ground was a little different in each one but I figured the boat could have drifted after each pic.