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Friday, April 22, 2011 munched

The maiden voyage of my vintage 1986 Sawyer Oscoda 17 foot flat back canoe happened today. It's registered, I have a 37lb thrust motor hooked to it...ready to rock. (I will post pics of the new boat soon. I have a huge restoration and fishing machine conversion project in store for it)..My buddy Steve and I launch the craft....It floats, no water aboard. We go to turn on the click..notta....Hmmm...check connections, check prop...all is well....Unhook motor from boat...We bring it over to my car...Connect to car battery...motor humms like a dream,...Me...being the technological and mechanical wiz that I am, read the charger wrong and thought the battery was fully charged...not so much....a paddling we went....

Hit a few pickerel....The Munch was a desirable fly indeed...This beaut smashed it with a vengeance

...Steven had the hot rod of the day...landing three to my one

...Frost on the windows, clouds in the sky...cold as a witch's tippet....It was still good to be out and on the water....


  1. Nice pics Pat. I'd even be happy with your little "chain".

  2. Ha! I would be happy with any "chain" as I have never caught one. Nice fish and great fly as usual Pat.


  3. Pat
    I can't wait to see the pics of the canoe---as for the trolling motor, I would paddle that kind of boat anytime. By the way I will tring out the craws in the next couple of weeks for some of the spots on Smith. I have been tied up at a local lake near our house, fishing for some big bluegills the past four weeks. That will over in the next week or so and then it will be on to Smith. I will be doing a post on the craw when I make the trip. Again thanks for getting them to me.

  4. Thanks all....Pickerel are an underrated fly rod game fish...

    Bill I hope they produce some monsters for you....I';m getting all geared up for carp...the claws are in my carp box at the moment...can't wait to see some photos...