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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clear Cure Goo

The shirts and stickers that I designed for CCG are up and on the all newly designed website... go there...check them out...if you are not using CCG on your flies're missing out on a ton of potential...


  1. Hey Pat do you have some information or pics about how you incorporate CCG into your deerhair flies? Seems like CCG is used as an epoxy replacement but I don't see a lot of epoxy used with deerhair.

  2. I ordered the "kit" yesterday and hope to have it at the house by the weekend. I even tied up a fly last night that just needs a little CCG on the back to make it perfect! I'm hoping the stuff is as cool as I imagine. The new website Brian has is nice and your work on it is great!

  3. Sick!!!!!!

    Clear Cure Goo is the best stuff on the market hands down.

  4.'s what I do...I use the Goo on the collars of all of my divers to stiffen them up a bit...then I coat the bellies of all my deer hair bugs with it...the poppers get their faces adds a ton of durability..especially when teeth are adds just a bit a weight to the fly which helps it get further into the film instead of just resting on top...Bass bugs fall's the nature of them...mine with the goo take a beating...a serious beating...give it a whirl...