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Friday, September 2, 2011

New stuff

It's been a bit since I posted...If you could see my tying area you would understand why...I haven't been fishing in almost two weeks...I've been stocking up for upcoming shows and events..I'll post pics of that stuff soon....Here's a few orders that have gone out the door....

Number one....

Number two....

Number three was a request for a Munch fly done as a Brown Trout imitation....

more to come...stay tuned....tight lines


  1. Nice, I see you're using the fish skulls too. I bought some recently as well, hoping they turn out well.

  2. I'm really digging that third fly alot!! I'd love to slam that against the bank down here on the White River...pretty sure I'd have the attention of some hefty browns....Jeff

  3. Have you ever thought of holding a show at an art gallery? Amazing flies, almost makes me want to give up tying, (you set such a high standard).

  4. thanks all....Jeff...shoot me an email...maybe we can work a trade...or I do sell them..