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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Took my Commander to one of my favorite large mouth/pickerel small lakes today....Hot hot hot....The sun was out in full force....I'm cruising the lilly pads....Deer hair bass bug and twitchy won the race today....managed to hook up 3 large mouths and 2 pickerel....for an hours hunting I'll take it.....For anyone out there that doubts the excitement of top water bass or pickerel fishing....all I can say is you need a new hobby....Bass bugs are fun to make, amazing to fish, and extremely versatile....You can imitate a variety of food items, or just like trout fishing....make a stimulator type pattern....After all, bass bugs are dry flies for cooler fish....If you make some noise on the surface, they will come....If you don't know how to stack, spin and trim deer need to learn.....Tight Lines....


  1. Pat
    Nice bass --- I usually hit the lake at daylight this time of the year and I am back home by the time the heat sets in. Here in Alabama the humidity is the factor. It is worse than the heat. It makes for an awful day. The bass are awesome on the fly.

  2. Thanks Bill....I hear you with the heat...I go at 7 am and am home by 10 am during the week...Sundays I go out from 7 am until 7 or 8 at night....makes for a long day in the sun...but usually worth it...