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Monday, May 24, 2010


Mainden voyage of my new kayak...all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! What a boat. 15 minutes in to my voyage I was paddling standing up with no issues. The boat never felt unstable. I took it to my favorite small mouth stream. First to a spot that I have only fished twice. As I paddled I watched huge smallies underneath me, cruising around, absolutely not interested in my offerings. I hovered over a pool for a couple a minutes....Underneath me were some of the largest carp I have ever seen...Tons of them...So I got my first carp on a fly today...Just a little guy, but a carp none the less.....Moved on to my favorite section of creek after that. Had a killer day rocking out smallies....The ones in the pictures here, are before I dropped my camera in the water. There were about 8 others after that that I have no photos of...Clumsy me...I made a huge 60 foot cast to a smallie hanging in the shallow, perfect cast, exactly were it needed to go, bass grabs it, I set the hook, I here a plooooopppp....the drag knob on my Okuma reel falls off my reel, into the water, a 10 ft deep pool...line spills out....but I landed the fish.....This happened to be the fish by the way that when I went to take the photo, my camera went swimming as well....Evil little bastard. It was a beautiful bass though....I make the decision to change out lenses on my Guidelines Chameleon glasses, the frames split....The day was a little rough on equipment, but excellent none the less...Now I just need to rig up the Commander trim and proper I'll be good to go...Tight Lines

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