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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My fishing days are getting less and less it seems....I live in the Northeast and self diagnosed my allergies to the cold weather....The mornings are dark, cold, uninviting...I like to fish early mornings before work everyday....6 am brings chilly conditions and inactive fish....It picks up between 8 am and 9 am, when the sun begins to warm the surface temps again....about the time I need to start thinkig about getting out of the water.....Fall is a great time to fish, in the late mornings and early afternoons....Sundays will soon be the only days that I go out....Tying flies will be the focus until the spring...I need a more moderate climate....


  1. where do you get your deer hair? if you can lets chat

  2. I feel ya brother. Down here in MD i face the same problems. I, however, will spend October and November chasing the trout. I would rather catch smallies though. Pounded them today on hard bodied poppers. Nice fat smallie you have there!

  3. Guidedflies.....message sent...
    Anthony....thanks much my friend....Our trout season ends oct. 15 around me...I'm going to gice salmnon and steelhead a try this year though...

  4. Nice bass! In Michigan we are focuse on trout, followed by salmon for some, deer hunting for others.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. Any intrest in ice fishing? It keeps my fishing season going strong 365 days a year

  6. Nah...I have no need to stand on frozen water in a heated cabin.....rationally it doesn't work in my mind