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Friday, September 24, 2010


Being a warm water fly angler requires a diverse set of fishing skills...You must be flexible in your abilities and willingness to change plans...I have never fished the same river twice....Even back to back days on the same stretch can drastically change overnight...My morning today proved just that....Yesterday was a fine morning of fishing...The water temps are beginning to cool....It was in the 80s yesterday afternoon, and again today...This has changed the river situation....2 days ago we were in the 60s....The smallies were clinging to bottom today and barely moving....Very slow presentations, small flies, and sinking line were required to hook up today....When I left my house this morning I brought an extra rod just in case...One for a float, one for a sink....A black marabou leech was the ticket to tight lines today....I managed to work three fish to the boat....Be just never know what the fish are going to do.....


  1. Hi Pat
    The water temps here in the lake I am fishing is between 81 and 82---I am still landing some nice spots on poppers---have you trid a # 6 popper with a jerk pause and idle motion? I know you have trid this but I was just curious if the smallmouth are still hitting on top.

  2. Hence why I slug around 5 medium fly boxes everywhere. I'd rather have a sore shoulder and have to take an extra 5 seconds to find a fly than miss a fish b/c I didn't have the right rig (though it is nice to blame getting skunked or nearly on not having the right flies....).

    Good points--Warm Water PRIDE!

  3. Bill...I hit 1 smallie on top this week...seems to be they are starting to head to wintering pools....although I have managed to pull them up to about 1 foot or so from the the whole column is where it's at right now though...
    Thanks Will....The more flies the merrier I say...

  4. Great post... the old Boy Scout motto... be prepared! =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman