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Saturday, September 25, 2010


If the only reason that I went out fishing was to catch fish, today would have been a disappointing day.....The fishing seems to be a bit off the last two days....The fish have begun to play a different game...A few days to adjust and it will be back to good catching....I managed a little tiny baby smallmouth...I don't mind catching the little guys from time to time..The fact that they are there says that the fishery has promise in the future....

I am beginning to take pictures of the skeletal remains of creature on the river banks...I'm not sure why, but it intrigues me...So I will share...

I sat down at the bench last night after a 10 hour day tattooing the world....I wanted to create an adult Dobson fly to dead drift in the flow....This needs refining and retuning still...but here is the first draft....let me know what you think....


  1. Awww, isn't he cute. Just kidding. You should see one of the pics I posted of a TINY brookie. He was smaller than the spinner I was throwing. Cool looking bug!

    The Avereage Joe Fisherman

  2. That fly looks pretty good to me... now you just have to see what the fishy's think.

  3. Interesting tie. I like the "feelers"
    I guess with the dumbell on there it reduces the spin on retrieve. But since your plan is to dead drift most of the time it sounds like it shouldnt be a prob. I didnt know what a Dobson was so I googled it, and like Ray Wylie Hubbard said about the snake farm.

    Snake Farm – it just sounds nasty
    Snake Farm – well it pretty much is
    Snake Farm – it's a reptile house
    Snake Farm – Uuuggghhhhh......

  4. haha....dematt...good stuff....puttin it to the test this week hopefully....wrong time of year...but fish are hungry so we'll see...

  5. Pat - thanks for stopping by Flowing Waters. I've signed up to follow your blog as well. While it doesn't look like it on my blog currently, my absolute favorite fish is the smallie - used to guide for them in PA. I also spent 10 years living in Syracuse and chasing them in upstate NY.

    Nice site - i'll be along for the ride