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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Years!!!!!!!! I'm hoping this year will bring a ton of great stories and adventures to share with you all...

I hit the water today...It was a 50 degree day in January...Awesome..If winter was always like this it would be more then tolerable...The fishing was a little rough today. I had five hookups but for some reason couldn't get anything to stick. We all have those days. I did however get to watch everyone around me land multiple fish throughout the day. It was a day of humility for sure...I did however get my first chrome to hit on a swung fly today...A different kind of strike, aggressive....much different then nymphing....way more exciting.

The turkeys from two weeks back, met us in the road again today...This time there is a pic...

The smell of rot and death continues to loom over the river...

As much as I would love to hit the water again tomorrow, I must start tying for upcoming shows....Not to mention half way through the day today my waders sprung a leek, soaking my left foot to the point that I had to drain my waders and wring out my socks...I'm going to have to fix that before next trip....I do have to say that I am beginning to long for my beloved warm water fishery...I need my bronze fix...

Be well....Tight lines and screaming reels


  1. You are in NY? And it is 50 degrees? That is definite global warming! I had to cancel my river trip due to -5 in the Utah week! But, good for you, starting the New Year right!

  2. Someday the water will be warm again.

  3. Only a few months down here and I'll be chasing bronze again. You are not alone... I miss them in winter too. I find trout to be a poor substitute... but that doesn't keep me from enjoying my winter trout fishing.

  4. Wolfy, Ah 50 degrees, you have to get out.
    We did also.

  5. Yeah...Steel head fishing is fun....but there is nothing like chasing smallies in my kayak....I can go for miles on my stream and never run into another person...