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Saturday, January 8, 2011

1-8-11 Divers

These are a couple of divers I made today...The red one is classic predator and white...The collar ended up a little thinner then I would have liked...A result of the all to easy over trim...I'm blaming my head cold for the lack of control....The blue diver is a favorite color scheme of mine for small mouth on top...The smallies seem to slam this pattern on my creek early mornings....


  1. Hey Pat what kind of feathers would you recommend for the tails if my goal is to have them splay out like in the umpqua pike fly? I've used feathers taken from whole saddles, pieces from the Whiting variety bags, and both schlappen and rooster saddles from the indivual packs. It is prett easy to find something that works in the smaller ones but when the goal is to tie the larger ones it is tougher to get them to sit all nice sloping outward. I'm thinking my choice of feathers is off. I've got some tying videos, including Chris Helms' videos that I can look back at for tying techniques, but I don't remember him being very specific about which feathers to use. I know that the way the feathers sit doesn't really affect the fly's effectiveness as much as it is to asthetically please the angler, but I'd still like to be able to replicate them better. Thanks in advance for any help you could offer! -Bob

  2. Hmmmm....Well I use neck hackle a lot...It seems to have a nice curve most of the time...I usually put some find of material, such as marabou in between the feathers to help splay them out. I also use 4-5 feathers on each side to help bulk it up and keep them somewhat stiffer...Hope that helps...