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Monday, January 17, 2011

1-17-11 Deer hair sculpin

This is a weighted deer hair fly that I make to resemble a sculpin. I also tie them in different baitfish colors...When the water is dark or murky, and you need to make some movement...These things are killer...

Mustad 1/0 34007
Yellow dumbell eyes
Stacked deer hair head
Crystal flash
White/tan/red bucktail for belly
Olive rabbit strip for body
Pheasant for fins

Get on the vise and make some....


  1. You say "make some" like I would be able.

    I know better

  2. Clif I was thinking the same thing.

    Pat that is another stunning fly.

  3. If I thought I could do it justice I would try. I think I need some practice before I attempt a masterpiece... I'll start with some Marabou Muddlers and simple deer hair poppers.

  4. I tried it once.
    Once was enough to not try it again.

    Pat, your stuff is amazing. AND you know how to take great pictures of them.

  5. Unbelievable realistic, how a fish resists something that looks that real. Thanks for sharing

  6. thanks can do it.....

  7. Great flie!
    I have to continue to make trainings, but still far away from such good flies!