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Friday, July 1, 2011


Now I'm not going to complain...I did catch a fish...Dustin caught fish as well...This is a first time experience for me...I went fishing, it was a beautiful morning...Sun high in the sky, not much wind and mud plumes all over. As I walked around the lake, through the weeds, over the rocks, in the mud...something happened..Something unsettled feeling....melancholy...I felt as though I wasn't sure why I was there...I felt bored and unsatisfied...I think tomorrow will be a change of scenery and a change of species...I think I'm having smallmouth withdrawal...Bronze in the boat, Sage bass rod in hand...ahhhh....


  1. At least you're fishing ... my river has been blown out for most of the summer. Every time it drops to the point where I might wet a line, another storm rolls in and up it goes for another week.

  2. I get the smallmouth thing a lot better now (after lake MI). Fabulous fly rod fish...but at heart I am a carp guy!

  3. Great post....change of scenery and species can do wonders, I felt similar just before I put down the spinning gear and picked up the fly rod. Fly fishing and smallies will never get old. Summit was a good time and always is, hope you come back. -Mark