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Thursday, July 7, 2011

7-7-11....flies out the door

A couple of orders out the door today....Punk Rockers are taking over the world one home at a time....and of course some flies to catch fish in the mix as well....

These divers are made more durable by adding Clear Cure Goo to the bellies, around the eyes and the collars...There are two 30lb weed guards, just stiff enough to keep the weeds off but not stiff enough to miss strikes...The deer is so dense that I can write on them with a ball point pen...The tighter that you pack the hair, the more cork like the bug becomes..adding durability to the fly as well as making it float more successfully. The less water the fly absorbs, the higher it will ride. I like my bugs to sit in the adding a little CCG to the bellies, it helps bring them into the film. These should be bass snatchers for sure....Tight Lines...


  1. Pat,

    Some peoples skill still amazes me!!Awaseum.

  2. To someone like myself who still can't whip up a dozen elk hair caddis that all look respectable those are just some amazing ties.

  3. I'm with everyone else. Those flies look like the Bees Knees. Great Works of art. Tight Lines.

  4. As Tina Turner's song would say---- "SIMPLE THE BEST"!!!

  5. Those are ridiculous...well done!