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Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Carp on the Fly

I had the rare opportunity to fish with my Brother this weekend. It's always a pleasure to get to hang with him and spend a little quality fish time together. He had never caught a carp on the fly the mission was set. I guaranteed him a fish to hand...I plat guide from time to time when out fishing with people...but seeing that is was my brother and I made promises of hookups...the pressure was on...At first there was nothing to see...The wind picked up a bit and the sand decided to hide behind the clouds. Not ideal for a first carp outing. Eventually as we made our way around the lake the conditions turned in out favor and we had some success. We spotted many tailing fish...I had him toss flies to most of them with no takes...Then he found one that would play. A nice fish of about 7 pounds...Surprisingly there was not a lot of fight in the little guy, but a first carp is a carp none the less....Congrats to Chris....A job well done...

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  1. A first carp on your first trip is a total bonus!