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Thursday, July 14, 2011

7-14-11...Fall Fish

When I speak of these fish...everyone seems to know what I am referencing...but with 50 different names for the species. I call them Fall Fish...They are listed on DEC'c website as such, that's what I'm going with...To the point...If you have not targeted them, you are missing out. Mix the fight of a carp with the bull dogging of a have the fight of a fall fish....They get big..Last year I caught one that was pushing 23 inches...they are a beautiful chrome color...they smell a little funky...they croak when you have them out of croak I don't mean die...just a noise...They eat the Sili Craw with ferocity....Go catch one and let me know what you think...You will not be disappointed....


  1. Semotilus corporalis is by far one of the most under-appreciated native minnows by all anglers. Virginia talked about giving them game-fish status; they certainly deserve it.


  2. I call them chubs. My attitude has changed about alot of stuff over the years. Excellent input Mark.