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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I wanted to share one of my favorite places with you all...This is the creek that sparked my passion for fly fishing and my deep rooted love for Small Mouth Bass...This is a special place...often overlooked, misunderstood and abused. Years of farm waste, pesticides, silt and debris including garbage and other human waste products have pushed the ecosystem to it's max.

The fishing can be extraordinary..The scenery is breathtaking...

The banks and surrounding area are filled with wildlife..Eagles, Hawks, Green Herons, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Deer, Black Bear, Snapping Turtles..etc...

The aquatic life is abundant as well.. Smallies, Carp, Rock Bass, Fall Fish, Walleye, Suckers and assorted other species that accidently make their way into the flow...

Todays score....

Over the last year the fishing has suffered. This year nothing seems to be the way it was...The silt build up is becoming so great that there is no longer the abundance of forage that there once was. When you took a step, it seemed as though the river bottom was alive, it moved...The crayfish scurried everywhere to avoid being stepped on. That is no more...The rocks are brown and slimy...Crayfish are scarce...Bait fish seem to be minimal...Don't get me wrong...There is still life...but something is a miss...A 30-40 fish day was you're lucky if you hit 10...I can only hope that nature will prevail, the river will cycle and life will overcome...Time will tell...Take care of our waters...They are precious gems...


  1. Pat you don't even have to fish to enjoy a place like this, awesome pics.

  2. Nice fish and pictures! Gotta love smallies on a fly! I always get a lot of rock bass in my neck of the woods here. They're pretty fun on a fly too. I'd love to see a walleye on the fly from there!

  3. Nice pictures and good thoughts..."Take care of our waters..they are precious gems" Thank you.

  4. Waterways come and go. We have this issue with some of our aging reservoirs here in Kentucky. You can try sinking old Christmas trees or something like that. I would call contact the state before doing that of

  5. I am fortunate to have enjoyed many of these same sights and experiences up and down the creek and throughout our precious valley. Unfortunately, it seems as if enjoying nature and fishing is a privilege, not a right. Please support C.P.R. (Catch.Picture.Release.) The creek and the valley will always be my home, whether from near or far. -Mark

  6. Nice photos, great message (sorry to hear things are a bit off there), kudos all around on a great post.