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Friday, July 8, 2011


I took a bit of time from my vice this morning, although I sit next to it at the moment writing this post. I decided to skip all of the nice days this week and tie orders..choosing today to make my way to the stream. I pull up, skies are a bit grey...unload, paddle up to where I want to be...fighting the high murky water remnant from the random thunderstorms of a few days past. The rumbling first I though it was a bike, or a car with a leaky exhaust...but no, it became louder..I finally gave in and looked to the sky...what a mess of grey and black swirls...I let my drift carry me downstream heading back to my Jeep...the lightning started...still fairly more cast...hit a pig of a smallie...

The excitement took over and I needed to make a few more last minute casts...I drifted past my car...the blackness closed in and the lightning got closer...I through in the towel just in the knick of time...The last strap was tightened, lightning came so close to me it appeared to have hit my vehicle. The thunder crackling was instantaneous, as if the ground was going to open and swallow me whole...As I closed the door, the clouds dropped dime sized rain at the ground...chasing me from the river back to the vice...


  1. Pat,

    Been there and done that. Happened to me just yesterday. Spent all day at the vise filling orders. When I went to head out to the river to chase the smallies, it unleashed with a violent storm. I turned around and went right back inside and sat back down to work on more orders. Such is life.

  2. Glad you got a little time away from the vise...great fish!

  3. Nice Fish!! I still wanna see a bronzeback with one of those killer looking pieces of art you tie hanging from his lower jaw, that'd be a cool shot.

  4. Awesome smallie! It's nice to get away from the vice for a while. I always say I'm out "testing" new patterns!

  5. thanks all...I try to test new patterns as much as possible. I am going to start taking photos with my flies sticking in the lips still...everything I hook up is on my flies...I usually try to unhook them as quick as possible, sometimes I forget...