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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So I decided this morning to explore a little shallow, dead tree ridden lake like thing next to a bigger lake that I fish quite often. I hunt for gills in this swampy lake from shore from time to time, but never have I put a kayak in it. The larger lake contains panfish, perch, crappies, pickerel and largemouth....Today was the day....The fishing wasn't great, I caught a few welcomed pickerel, but no bass.

I did however make a new acquaintance....A few otters graced me with there curious presence. They stayed about 40 feet from me at all times, but dove and splashed and watched me all over the lake. I think we forget sometimes when the fishing is slow, why it is exactly that we do what we do. I put down my rod, picked up my camera and enjoyed the nature that as fly anglers, we become part of. Sometimes sitting back and just being there is the best part.

On my way home I made a quick stop to a local resevoir and threw some little poppers for about 20 minutes. I walked back into this little cove area where not too many people go, mainly because the walk is not easy. I happened on a school of gills....

The morning started great.....Can't wait to do it tomorrow.....Don't forget to stop and take in all the things that matter.....Catching fish is not always the best part of a day on the water....

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  1. What a nice spot, and nice catches, specially beautifull was the chain pickerel.