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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Went out today despite the weather, rainy and cold.....Was paid off with two 17 inch smallies, one 16 incher, a little guy and abigger guy that got off at the boat....Tough paddling back upstream when the creek is 1 1/2 feet high still...Got my workout in....

Water is still very murky, black saved the day. Used a black bunny minnow, and a black sex dungeon....The sex dungeon was sacrificed to the creek boulder gods at the end of the day....Must make more.....


  1. Sweet Bass man. Great job. Glade the weather held off

  2. Pat
    I know how much you enjoyed catching those smallmouths on the fly. What size are those flies you are using? I use a small gnat on Smith Lake to catch Kentucky Spots with the fly rod. The size is a number 8. I would be curious to know if the smallmouth would hit the gnat. If you will email me your address I will mail you a couple to try. Follow this link and you can see what they look like.

    I did a post on using these flies at Smith back sometime ago.

  3. Hey Bill....I throw bigger flies to smallies....I usually don't use any hooks smaller then a size 6....but honestly a majority of my flies are tied on a size 2 streamer hook....The sex dungeon is a 1/0 in front, the trailer is a 6.....I like big flies for bass....

  4. Hi Pat
    Sorry to say I accidentally erased your email by mistake with your address----can you email me the address again? Thanks Bill