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Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I went to a local resevoir today...a place I frequent for Bass from shore and gills galore.....I was there for maybe 30 minutes or so...A truck pulls up, some dude steps out...Comes over and starts asking how often I fish there...blah blah blah....He then goes on to tell me to be careful next week, they are setting traps for the beavers. Now I understand that beavers carry bacteria that can infiltrate the water system, there damns can reek havoc on a water system...however these beavers have been there as long as I can remember and are gigantic...So why all of a sudden....That aside....I ask the gentleman where they plan on relocating them to....Oh no, no relocation, don't stick you hands near those traps, you won't get them back, they will be kill traps. Now I'm not an overly sensitive guy by any means, nor am I a hunter, although I see nothing wrong with harvesting fish or animals for the purpose of food, I don't usually partake in it, but I don't find it offensive. I see no reason what so ever to kill the beavers, when they can be just as easily be relocted.....So I my mojo was depleted, and home I went to tie flies instead.....

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